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The Max Hartle Company, LLC History

In 1988, with 17 years of prior chattel appraisal experience and a lifelong agricultural background, Max Hartle founded the Max Hartle Company, LLC.  With the support of his beautiful wife, Beverly Dawn Hartle, he began completing appraisals independently. He added personnel to the company as it has grown, building a team of experts with over 90 years of combined appraisal experience as of 2013.

Initially, the emphasis of the company was agriculture related appraisals. Throughout the years, the company has expanded its expertise to all industries and types of equipment, including medical, construction, fabrication and processing equipment. The Max Hartle Company has developed a reputation as the Water Rights Experts in the state of Utah, specializing in underground and surface rights throughout Utah, Nevada and the surrounding areas.

With decades of repeat customers, the Max Hartle Company, LLC has established a reputation of providing high quality, reliable appraisal services that satisfy a wide range of lending and valuation needs.

Max F. Hartle

Founder / Consultant

Max was born and raised on a general farming, dairying, and range livestock ranch in Northeastern Utah.  He received a Bachelors of Science Degree in Agricultural Education from Utah State University.  Max has augmented his practical experience with numerous seminars, workshops, and training sessions on credit, appraisals, management, etc. He served for 12 years on the Sevier School District Board of Education, and the Sevier Valley Area Vocational Center Board, Director and Presidents of the Southern Utah Jr. Livestock Show for 20+ yrs.

Max worked for the Farm Credit System for 17 years where he served as a field man, appraiser, loan officer, Assistant Branch Manager, Branch Manager, Assistant Vice President, and Head Chattel Appraiser.  In the Head Chattel Appraiser position, Max organized an appraisal department and development policies, trained staff members, and implemented the program in a manner that met the ever-increasing requirements of the Farm Credit supervisory institutions. 

Max and his expert team of the Max Hartle Company have completed chattel appraisal work in Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Montana, Oregon, Utah and Wyoming, on many diverse types of “personal” property.  He and his expert team have accumulated extensive research on water rights and water values in the State of Utah and Nevada. Max has been recognized as a leading expert in the industry and has been called upon as an expert witness in numerous court cases. His professional testimony in each court case provided critical valuation evidence that ensured a successful and fair resolution in those cases.  Max’s appraisal work and expert opinion have also been solicited to resolve numerous divorce settlement and other such hearings.

After 45 years of marriage, raising eight children, many grandchildren and dedicating their lives to their family and business, Max and Beverly decided to focus on the joys of retirement. Max remains involved in the business as a consultant when needed and it doesn’t interrupt camping, horseback riding and spending time with his wife and family.  DonaMae purchased the business that she had worked so hard to help build.  

DonaMae Hartle Workman, CAGA

Chief Executive Officer / Water Rights Specialist

DonaMae is a Certified Appraiser in good standing with the Certified Appraisers Guild of America. She has been involved with all aspects of the Max Hartle Company since 1999 and loves the excitement and variety of her work with the company. DonaMae earned a Bachelors of Science Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Westminster College of Salt Lake City, where she graduated with honors.  While attending college DonaMae worked full-time.  DonaMae has employment experience as a professional educator, customer service representative and researcher.   She has completed training courses and certification in personal property appraisal, Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). She has also completed coursework in real estate appraisal practices and methodologies, though she chose to specialize in valuation for personal property, equipment and agricultural areas.  

DonaMae’s excellent customer service skills, advanced analytical and scientific background and attention to detail have had a profound positive impact on the quality and efficiency of the research since she joined the company fulltime.  Her charismatic attitude and analytical approach have helped the Max Hartle Company better serve the personal property appraisal needs of its customers.  DonaMae has accumulated years of research and expertise on water rights throughout the State of Utah and Nevada and has become the Water Rights expert of the company.

DonaMae gained a wide range of management experience as she organized and implemented a family support group for the families of over 200 soldiers who were called to an overseas combat deployment. She earned national acclaim as a compassionate and committed leader and was recognized at the White House for her efforts in this capacity.  In her spare time, DonaMae enjoys spending time with her husband and two children.  She enjoys being outdoors, exercise and distance running.  She thrives on the adrenaline of race day and has completed numerous half marathons, relay races and most recently a full marathon.

Contact DonaMae at (435) 201-0048 or by e-mail at  Click to view DonaMae's Resume and DonaMae's Certification.

Cody Workman, CAGA

Appraiser / Business Development

Cody has been associated with and assisted in the Max Hartle Company for a number of years. He became officially involved with the business when he was asked to consult on business development ideas in 2012. Cody has always had a love for small businesses and the excitement of watching the implementation of his ideas encouraged him to get more involved in other aspects of the business. Cody finds a great deal of enjoyment in helping small businesses to grow through accurate and timely valuation. Cody is a Certified Personal Property Appraiser in good standing with the Certified Appraisers Guild of America. He is excited to help you meet your valuation needs on your next project, whatever it may be.

Cody loves this country and is a proud veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn, where he had the privilege and honor of leading hundreds of soldiers in multiple combat and contingency operations. He was recognized as an Honor Graduate of the Warrior Leader Course, Basic Non-Commissioned Officer Course, Artillery Officer Basic Course and Captain's Career Course. He is a two-time Bronze Star recipient for his service in Iraq. He was selected as Commander of the Year by the Utah Army National Guard Family Programs in 2010 for going above and beyond the call of duty for the families of the Utah Army National Guard. In that same year, he was selected as the Residential CEO of the Year by the Bureau of Indian Education.

Cody enjoys being physically active and doing just about anything with his family. He enjoys weight lifting, running, obstacle races, motocross, rock climbing, scuba diving and supporting his two children in whatever they may be involved in. Cody is also the Head Wrestling Coach at Richfield High School.

Contact Cody at (435) 896-6222 or by email at  Click to view Cody's Resume and Cody's Certification.

Kenn M. Hartle

Appraiser / Custom Equipment Specialist

Kenn graduated from Utah State University with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Business Administration.  While in college Kenn used the professional training he was receiving to rise to a management position involving the supervision of approximately 75 employees. After graduating from college Kenn worked for ten years in the manufacturing industry where he worked with several businesses in various management positions.  He spent five of those years as a manager and as the general plant manager of a textile facility that employed approximately 120 people, mass producing commercial products for use in the service industries.   During his tenure there, the company went from operating in the red to operating with a significant profit margin.  Much of the turn-around in the company was due to Kenn and his management team's ability to evaluate and streamline production processes.  Kenn’s impeccable interpersonal relations skills were vital to organizing a staff of 120 individuals into a “team” of 120 members.

Kenn left the manufacturing industry to accept a position with the State of Utah in the Human Services department, where he further honed his skills as a communicator. This position required Kenn to work with various state agencies, collecting and organizing information.  He has collected, presented and validated his research in court as an expert witness on numerous occasions.  Even while serving in these positions, he showed a personal interest in the success of the Max Hartle Company, and was always there to help when needed. Kenn was integral in the founding of the Max Hartle Company.  As the business grew, Kenn accompanied Max during onsite appraisals. His exceptional organizational skills and research abilities immediately enhanced the quality of the appraisal products delivered by the Max Hartle Company.  

With the continued expansion of the Company, Kenn left his employment with the state and became an integral part of the management and development of the Max Hartle Company.  Kenn has specialized in custom built equipment in all industries and provides an expert resource for specialty equipment and modifications.  He is the Custom Equipment Expert of the company.  Kenn has been and continues to be a major asset for the company and the further growth and development of the company’s future.  When Kenn isn’t working, he enjoys spending time with his family.  He enjoys being outdoors, hunting and fishing, playing softball, golf and other sports.

Contact Kenn at (435) 896-6222 or by e-mail at  Click to view Kenn's Resume.

Rachel Palmer

Appraiser / Research Assistant

Rachel is the newest member of the Max Hartle Company, joining the ranks in 2016. She brings experience in computers, research, and appraising real estate. Rachel is excited to use her many natural talents and skills to grow the company, serve our clients and provide assistance in any way possible.


Rachel graduated from Southern Utah University in 2003 with summa cum laude and applies her desire for success in all aspects of her life.  


When she isn’t busy learning the ins and outs of equipment and water right appraisals, Rachel runs a successful internet business for women that she created in 2008. She loves building furniture and spends her free time trying to convince her husband to agree to her crazy home project ideas. 

Contact Rachel at (435) 896-6222 or by email at 

Jamie Willes

Appraiser / Research Assistant

As the third daughter of founder, Max Hartle, Jamie has been involved with the Max Hartle Company in a variety of capacities for many years. With an extensive background in the construction process and interior design, Jamie has an eye for detail and a keen understanding of what impacts value. Jamie has outstanding customer service skills and is an asset to the onsite inspection process.

Jamie enjoys serving her family and her community. She is an exceptional cook and seems to always be baking or cooking for someone in need. Jamie is passionate about education and spends a great deal of time providing service to local schools. She loves her family and enjoys spoiling her grand-kids, riding horses and supporting her husband in all that he does.

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